Rom Details

In the old Storehouse (Stabburet, in Norwegian) we have 2 single-bed rooms at the ground floor. Beside the rooms, you will have a modern bathroom, reserved for guests at the Storehouse only.
A modern, fully equipped kitchen - and a characteristic lounge - is one stair up, at disposition for the guests in the storehouse.

Rom facilities:

  • 1 single bed
  • Free internet/WiFi
  • One fridge per room
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Wall-mounted TV
Please contact us about prices.

If you like, we can fill up the fridge with some basic groceries. Please ask Sissel, she will manage.
Want to workout? We have good deals with the local gyms.

PS. When booking you will not be asked to pay, an email will be sent to Littjgarden with a request. We will confirm your reservation immediately after.

To ensure that your stay is as safe as possible, smoking is not allowed inside or near the buildings

The apartment is available from 15:00 on the day of arrival .


Den norske paviljongen under verdensutstillinga i Chicago, "The Norway Building", ble bygget på Strandheim Brug her i Orkanger i 1893.

Litjgarden video

A brief presentation video showing the buildings - and the surroundings.