• Sentralt i Orkanger
    In the centre of Orkanger
  • Bo hjemmekoselig på
    A cosy stay at
  • Vi tror du vil like interiøret
    We think you will love the interior
  • Nice stay
    better working
  • Velkommen til
    Welcome to
  • Midt i Norge finner du
    In the middle of Norway you will find
Please contact Sissel by phone +47 909 66 446 or send an e-mail to sissel@litjgarden.no for info about available rooms.

Standard check-in/check-out-times: Check-in from 15:00 • Check-out latest 11:00. Alternative times must be agreed with us in advance.

Accommodation the homy way

Welcome to Sissel and Geir at Litjgarden!
We are in the middle of the process of renovating the old farm. One by one every building at the farm will be a fabulous place for you to live during your stay in the Orkanger region. Yes it's a hotel, but we are talking homy lodging! Stabburet, Hovedbygningen and Stoerhuset are finished, see more about Stabburet, Hovedbygningen and Stoerhuset.

You can book your stay right now by calling Sissel at (+47) 909 66 446.

Accommodation in the centre of Orkanger

Unique atmosphere

Completely equipped

Private kitchen and bathroom

Located in the centre

Salmon fishing (season)

Skiing (season)

Free parking

1 hour to airport

Working in Orkanger for a while?
Ask for our special deals for long-term stay, tel (+47) 909 66 446.

Salmon fishing in the Orkla river

The season's salmon fishing in the river Orkla starting now.
Are you interested in the fascinating adventure of catching the big salmon, it's perfect to stay with us.

Litjgarden video

A brief presentation video showing the buildings - and the surroundings.

Self catering

If you are one of us who wants to cook for yourself, you will find a well-equipped kitchen in you flat.

We know the best ones in catering, so if you prefer having the food served, we will arrange it as well.

PS: There are many skilled local food producers you should try while you are here!
Please contact Sissel at +47 909 66 446 for further info
  • Tvers over for Bårdshaug ligger Litjgården, der ekteparet Sissel og Geir Mardahl har spennende planer både i våningshuset og de øvrige bygningene på tunet